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Let the best video production company in Delhi NCR throw light on why corporate videos are gaining popularity.

Video is everywhere. The corporate videos that are produced are intended to be published not only on the website but also on the companies social media profiles and channels. Videos are created to tell the target audience a story – about how the brand began, how the product origin, how it was launched, customer testimonials, reviews etc. These corporate videos are beneficial and vital for a brand’s growth. Since video is the present as well as the future, they are no longer “optional” for businesses, especially the new ones. They have now become a crucial element of the marketing strategy to boost brand awareness/ visibility, attract quality traffic, improve customer engagement, and conversions and increase ROI.

What are you more likely to engage with?

Textual content, OR well-conceived, interactive corporate videos?

A boring textual email/ notice/ or even website content, or would you rather have fun watching interactive videos available on the website and the companies social media, explaining what the brand is all about, what it stands for, how they function and what is their end game.

A business can not expect its target audience to engage and invest in their products and services, when they don’t fully comprehend it, or the purpose it serves. Hence, brands and companies must either have aboard the best corporate film makers, or collaborate with one of the best corporate film production companies to produce high quality corporate videos.

There is a reason why people hit “I accept” without fully reading the important “Terms and Conditions” document, but video content on YouTube, IGTV, instagram Reels and TikTok get millions of eyeballs and go viral, overnight.

Can you think of a more creative way to get your new company policy across all your employees and target audience, better than a well-produced video message directly from the CEO? The viewer’s interest and the brand credibility goes high up.

Rolling out or restructuring an investor initiative? This communication, through a high quality video on the company’s website and landing page could prove far more effective and engaging than a boring text-only email. Not to forget, corporate video captures all the intricate details like the speaker’s interest, and enthusiasm in producing and educating the audience.

Videos really speak to people, leverage its power by making the most out of this video trend.

Corporate Videos

Different kind of corporate videos

Corporate videos can be segregated into various types. Below given are a few types of corporate movies that can be created –


Employee engagement video

With the growth of social media, the audience gets deeper insights into a corporate’s work culture. All good corporate video production companies invest a lot of time and energy in creating high quality videos that cater to, and significantly improve the company’s employer branding. These kinds of videos capture all the happy and enjoyable employee moments, fun office lunches, celebrations, and employee testimonials, that showcase the company’s pleasant work environment for their target audience and the prospective employees to see, and evaluate the company’s culture.


Event videos

Corporate video production houses try to create peppy videos to capture and summarize the events hosted by the corporations. These videos help to showcase all employees, prospective employees, and the target audience who could not attend, the amount of effort the company put in, in entertaining and the kind of treatment employees of that company get. All these aspects keep the viewers engaged and dedicated to the company and the audience looks forward to these events for future references.


Company overview video

A video clips capturing the origin, vision and mission of company, along with the interviews of its founders and CXOs is a good way to host across all company’s owned assets, and also have their target audience understand the kind of business the company does, that can go a long way in the audience becoming familiar with the companies products and services.
Such videos can also showcase the intense work that goes on at the back-end, how employees of the company work hard to meet deadlines – all can be showcased in this kind of a corporate video. It could also be an appreciation video for the employees who dedicated precious hours of their day to help grow the company. Small gestures from the company towards its employees help establish and improve the corporate image.


Product Feature video

All the well-established corporate video production companies in India recommend Product feature videos and explainer videos that explain the products in detail, its ingredients, how to use, do’s and don’ts, various uses / benefits of the product, and also the side effects it may cause. A list of awards won by the product can be a good way to present the efficiency of products to your potential clients.


Customer Testimonials 

A ninja technique that all the reputed corporate film production companies swear by. Nothing impresses people more than word of mouth appreciation by your other similar customers. Capturing all these positive feedbacks help project a positive image of your organization not only to the prospective clients, but also to the company employees. Working with a reputed company that manufactures products and provides services that people and organizations are benefiting from, is a matter of pride.

Why Choose Peppy Production?

So, of all the well established corporate video production companies in india,

Peppy Productions – the most sought after corporate video production companies in India, we behold the ability to take your corporate video game to a whole new level. We, at Peppy Production, strive to produce the best quality video for your company, for which we work very closely with your business, resulting in the company outshining all your competitors.

From planning an incredibly creative video production content strategy, to creating and delivering a flawless video, Peppy production has everything covered.

We began our journey a decade ago, and here we are, being considered one of the finest corporate film production companies of the country, for a reason that is –

Our team sincerely believes in ” Customer Satisfaction is Self-Satisfaction “.

  • I need animation services. How much would Peppy Production charge, being the best 3D animation production company in India?
    First of all, we are grateful that our audience considers us the best. Secondly, we do not have a fixed cost for the 3D animation service, we determine the cost based on a few factors – the client’s brief, time taken by our artists to model, texture, color, light, and animate your products/ services, and ideas. Hence, give us a call!
  • How can one maximize and save money on 2D or 3D animation from Peppy Production?
    If you have a script, you’ve saved money. Have CAD files already? Saved money there too! Sending us a product sample so that we can scan it into the computer, too can help you save money. Peppy Production will provide you with suggestions and ideas to maximize the ROI of your entire design-marketing investment
  • We are a startup company, what if we are not sure about what we exactly need?
    Not to worry! At Peppy Production, we have teams experienced in writing scripts, devising and creating visuals, and strategizing the benefits and differences of your products / services from your competitors. The success of Peppy Production depends solely on the success of our clients, hence, no matter what budget you have, we’ll work to provide you with the best solution.
  • How often can I expect to receive updates from Peppy Production regarding my 3D animation project?
    We at Peppy Production contact our customers once every week – update them regarding any new developments with respect to their animation project, clear doubts if any. However, if for any reason the client has doubts,suggestions, concerns, or new ideas, Peppy Production is always available all 7 days a week, to clear your queries.
  • Can Peppy Production match our branding and graphics standards?
    Absolutely! All you have to do is send us your brand guidelines and we’ll match the font, colors, tone, and direction.
  • Will I be able to showcase the 3D animation video received from Peppy Production on my website / social media / a big screen at a company event?
    Of course! Our HD 3D animation can be showcased on any screen from a phone to a stadium, or on any platform in the world.
  • I have a fixed budget for my 3D animation video, can Peppy Production still help me?
    Be very clear about what you can afford. We have worked with dozens of companies from small startups to high end luxury brands, we have enough experience, and considerable creative skills to find a unique affordable solution to sell your story.
  • How long does Peppy Production take to create a 60 to 90-second 2D or 3D animation?
    To be honest, it depends on a bunch of factors – Custom 2D animation takes around 4-6 weeks, custom realistic 3D animation takes 4-8 weeks. 2D using pre-animated characters can be done in 2 weeks. Motion graphics can be added to a video in just a few days. 3D projects (depending on length) can take upto 4-6 months. We can do projects on an urgent basis as well, hence, depends on the clients needs.
Business Meeting


Working with Peppy Production was free of any misunderstandings or errors in terms of communication, absolutely seamless! Queries or doubts, from either side, were addressed to, immediately. The Peppy production team was extremely courteous, generous and were constantly in touch with me, updating regarding the progress of my video and it was only because of this healthy communication that my video content turned out to be an enormous success!

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