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What is 2D Animation?

2D Animation is the contemporary way of showcasing a new product or service. 2D animation occurs when we combine multiple images of different heights and widths, together that creates an illusion of movement in the 2D world which is without any depth. So, now you’ll wonder why it’s called 2D animation. This is because the height and width are the two only variables.

Where All Can 2D Animation Videos Be Used?

Sometimes, animation videos are not created only for the sake of entertainment. Versatility, high engagement rates, and low cost of production are among the few reasons why a lot of branding and marketing videos are done in 2D.

Let’s take a look at a few uses of this kind of animation in the creative realm.

Motion Graphics

Brands usually don’t ask for characters, or story-driven animation. Instead, they opt for graphics and text for animated logos, explainer videos, and titles. In such a case, motion graphics become the perfect choice. The skills required to produce motion graphics are slightly different as it doesn’t require the knowledge of body mechanics or acting.


Computer animation

Computer animation, aka CGI animation, is a technique that entails generating animated images with computer graphics. Computer animation is broken down into 2 categories – Computer-assisted animation that is when traditional animations are computerized, and Computer-generated animation which is the one designed on the PC using animation and 2D graphics software.


Stop Motion

Stop Motion Animation is a technique or a cinematic process used to make real life objects appear as though they were moving. The objects are manipulated and photographed every time after being moved between frames. It’s a digitized version of a flip book, where the images are displayed rapidly in a particular sequence, bringing them to life.


Whiteboard Animation / Explainer Videos

Illustrating the concepts or ideas in play, through simulating black-line graphics, drawn on a white background. The popularity of this kind of a video lies in the effectiveness, as the animation explainer videos do a great job of communicating complex messages while keeping its audience engaged. It leverages a streamlined style that results in a straightforward and to-the-point finish.



If you have a great deal of information on hand but are running against time, infographic animations aka animated slides are a great way to present the information. Complex subjects and tedious descriptions are what make infographics shine.

2D animation is omnipresent – on the screens of our televisions, all over the internet and social media, in the cinemas, even on the billboards on the streets now. We are constantly interacting with it by either watching, or creating them.

Benefits Of Investing In 2D Animation Explainer Video Production

Animation explainer videos are a simple, affordable and yet an effective way of presenting imagination, ideas, and information about a business into interesting graphics and videos to offer creative solutions for effective branding and marketing and thus, profit making. 2D animation is one tool that almost all businesses have employed as they have seen a remarkable increase in their ROI by incorporating it into their marketing content strategies.
Let’s discuss some of the advantages of 2D animation explainer videos.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of 3D animation.

Capture & Hold Attention

The reason that 2D animation has been so popular amongst children is because it can grab and hold their attention, which is no cake walk. Animated graphics are eye-catchy, and although the movements are not life-like, which is what makes it exciting to the eyes, and the content interesting to watch. Mastering the ability to capture the audience’s attention so effectively would also eventually boost the company’s search engine optimization (SEO) due to the increased traffic to those animations. Search engines naturally favor videos to still graphics as they retain the audience’s attention for longer, so the videos that create maximum traffic will be suggested all the more by the search engine, driving an even greater traffic to your website.


Engage Deeper – 2D animation

is a mix of graphics, text, and voice-over, which stimulates different areas of the brain and engages multiple senses of the audience helping them to process and comprehend the information more effectively. Animation can also establish a stronger connection between the end, targeted audience and the individual or the company presenting the information due to the prolonged exposure and engagement that is possible with animation. When an audience experiences something memorable, the creators of this memorable experience have already achieved an edge over their competition, since they have successfully occupied a portion of the viewer’s mind.


Cost-Effective – 2D animation

videos usually have a shorter production timeline than live action videos. This means less investment on video creation, and more on promoting it to the world, making it work in your favour. Additionally, an animated video can easily be edited to keep the video looking modern and its information current, and relevant.


Convenient Communication – 2D animation explainer videos

2D animation explainer videos allow the information to be communicated conveniently to a wider range of audiences. Around 65% of the people are visual learners, which means when information is presented in a visual format, the audience is able to comprehend, register and process it better. This makes communicating complex concepts like training instructions and heavy technical information easier for the audience to understand.



People are always sharing the content they find interesting as stories, reposts, sharing on different platforms with their loved ones etc. We too have shared something online at some point. Most of the content that is shared online are videos, reels and images. Blogs too are shared through social media, however not at the same rate as the other kinds of content mentioned above, as visual content tends to retain more attention than text does. This is where 2D animation shines bright like a diamond! 2D animation videos are an amalgamation of images, graphics and textual information in an easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand video package that’s created to be shared.

Investing in 2D animation explainer video production could be a great resource for your company if –

  • You are looking to attract a larger audience? 2D animation can help!

  • Want to engage with a higher number of audience? 2D animation got your back!

  • Need to communicate heavy information in an interesting, and engaging way? 2D animation to the rescue!

2D animation is versatile, and hence, can be used to communicate any kind of information. Still wondering how your business could benefit from animation?

Why don’t you try contacting the best 2D animation video production company and find out?

Which Is The Best 2D Animation Explainer Video Production Company In Delhi, India?

As the best 2D animation production house – Peppy Production, we combine the power of 2D animation and a reliable marketing strategy devised by our highly experienced team, to help our clients achieve all their business goals.

Our 2D animation team works tirelessly with the clients to understand their business, business requirements, the goals that they have in mind, and then work backwards from there, ensuring the best strategies are being used – the 2D animated videos are prepared and approved by the clients, and then get the goals accomplished.

Animation/ Explainer videos

Why explainer videos are a must for every company?

Video is disrupting all other types of content. Gone are the times of brochures and flyer. Fastest way to explain your company’s details are through a simple explainer video

Below key facts, proving the benefits of explainer videos.

Simplified communication

Video is simplest communication technique to explain concepts. A well scripted explainer video can help explain your company’s details in the most understandable manner.


Drives Awareness

With most content consumption moving to videos, it is helpful to have your communication in this format. It automatically has high reach.



With nearly no limitation to what can be show in animation, you can be extremely creative with your imagination.


SEO ranking

With various types of content describing your company, your SEO ranking with also get boosted.


Plan in advance

Great work is not done overnight. 2D animation videos take long time to make. Spend more time in storyboarding and modelling to avoid later rework.

  • I need animation services. How much would Peppy Production charge, being the best 3D animation production company in India?
    First of all, we are grateful that our audience considers us the best. Secondly, we do not have a fixed cost for the 3D animation service, we determine the cost based on a few factors – the client’s brief, time taken by our artists to model, texture, color, light, and animate your products/ services, and ideas. Hence, give us a call!
  • How can one maximize and save money on 2D or 3D animation from Peppy Production?
    If you have a script, you’ve saved money. Have CAD files already? Saved money there too! Sending us a product sample so that we can scan it into the computer, too can help you save money. Peppy Production will provide you with suggestions and ideas to maximize the ROI of your entire design-marketing investment
  • We are a startup company, what if we are not sure about what we exactly need?
    Not to worry! At Peppy Production, we have teams experienced in writing scripts, devising and creating visuals, and strategizing the benefits and differences of your products / services from your competitors. The success of Peppy Production depends solely on the success of our clients, hence, no matter what budget you have, we’ll work to provide you with the best solution.
  • How often can I expect to receive updates from Peppy Production regarding my 3D animation project?
    We at Peppy Production contact our customers once every week – update them regarding any new developments with respect to their animation project, clear doubts if any. However, if for any reason the client has doubts,suggestions, concerns, or new ideas, Peppy Production is always available all 7 days a week, to clear your queries.
  • Can Peppy Production match our branding and graphics standards?
    Absolutely! All you have to do is send us your brand guidelines and we’ll match the font, colors, tone, and direction.
  • Will I be able to showcase the 3D animation video received from Peppy Production on my website / social media / a big screen at a company event?
    Of course! Our HD 3D animation can be showcased on any screen from a phone to a stadium, or on any platform in the world.
  • I have a fixed budget for my 3D animation video, can Peppy Production still help me?
    Be very clear about what you can afford. We have worked with dozens of companies from small startups to high end luxury brands, we have enough experience, and considerable creative skills to find a unique affordable solution to sell your story.
  • How long does Peppy Production take to create a 60 to 90-second 2D or 3D animation?
    To be honest, it depends on a bunch of factors – Custom 2D animation takes around 4-6 weeks, custom realistic 3D animation takes 4-8 weeks. 2D using pre-animated characters can be done in 2 weeks. Motion graphics can be added to a video in just a few days. 3D projects (depending on length) can take upto 4-6 months. We can do projects on an urgent basis as well, hence, depends on the clients needs.
Business Meeting


My venture was doing pretty decently for a couple of years, however, when video content, especially 2D animation videos took the internet by storm. We unfortunately had no animators on board. I wasn’t very sure about the qualifications to look for in an animator’s resume. I feared losing out on business since I was clearly not keeping up with the trend.

That’s when I contacted Peppy Productions, undoubtedly the best corporate film makers in Delhi. Their teams supported me on every new step of the strategy, and spent hours walking me through the basics of this new trend.

It’s hard to find a company who does as they say.

Mira Somani, Entrepreneur.
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