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What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is when computer generated graphics appear to move through three dimensional spaces and rotate following the same principles as in real life. 3D animation is used in a variety of industries, as diverse as gaming and even medicine. They are commonly used across all industries for presentations and marketing purposes. To understand 3D animation, let’s take a closer look at where it comes from and what it can be used for.

The 3D animators have an endgame in mind, which is to move the computer generated graphics in a given scene as realistically as possible. You can create the perfect cartoon character, however if its movements aren’t smooth and human-like, all your hard work will go down the drain. That’s why animators spend a painful amount of time studying the basic principles of motion to make their animations believable.

Where All Can 3D Animation Be Used?

The 3D animators craft products and characters that are life-like. There is a fine line between animated characters and the ones that look real. The smart animation techniques that make any product smooth, glossy and tempting is actually the creativity of highly skilled 3D animators or artists.

Look at any advertisement or a video clip, you will easily and clearly be able to notice that there are a lot of video and audio effects that enhance the quality of the clip, making the experience memorable for the target audience. Many ecommerce websites these days leverage 3D animation so their website visitors / customers can view the products from multiple angles.

Here are a few of the fields that leverage 3D animation to excel.


Advertising is the most preferred medium for mass communication. The 3D animators revamp the creatives and give the products a whole new and mesmerizing look. The ambient locals, splashes, delicate floral designs, and many other effects are added by animation to make the advertisements attractive.


Architecture Engineering

Infrastructure and building designs are all made using 3D animation. The engineers, as an advantage, can easily determine the design and run rigorous calculations to ensure strength and quality. The design created by the 3D animators gives a clear view of what the building would look like after completion.


Mechanical and Automobile Engineering

Manufacturing machines and automobiles is a task of serious responsibility. Minor faults can lead to fatal accidents. 3D animation is very helpful in designing even the most precise parts and testing their scope. This saves a lot of money that would have been used while creating dummies at the time of designing.


Game Development and Designing

Gaming is a part and parcel of every one’s life these days. The most fascinating game plays are a result of fine and creative 3D animation studio.


Healthcare Industry

For all of us, health comes first and in order to maintain it, we all need the best healthcare services that are updated and robust. The healthcare industry uses 3D animation on a large scale to view internal organ functionalities and diseases. Not only this, they use animation to understand and research various surgeries, impact of medicines and other future prospects.

Benefits Of Investing In 3D Animation Video

Today, animation has proven itself as the leading advertising and marketing tool which acts as an engaging communication medium. Animation has numerous privileged characteristics that no other marketing method can match. The 3D animation services usually consist of different features suitable for various requirements. It has so many varieties and uses that it can be used for every industry. For example, the 3D modeling animations display effects such as proper usage of an individual product that can create high engagement for the viewers. The power of 3D animation is limitless. It does not end at attracting viewers for products or services, but also portrays the standard and vision of the business.

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of 3D animation.

Enhances Visual Beauty

Without a doubt, no other audio / visual medium can match the dynamism of 3D animations with respect to delivering concise, yet stunning portraits of products. Besides portraying the visual beauty, it also engages the audience with super realistic effects.


Enhances Your Brand Identity

Leveraging 3D animation as a marketing tool for your company enhances your business identity and reputation to a great extent. This gives the audience an impression of the brand being heavy/ high on quality, also portraying that it is always up-to-date with the latest technology.


Builds Reputation

3D animation is the best way for a brand to establish and grow an image. This is a great investment for enhancing your company’s market reputation. Be it presentations, business marketing, and sales, animation gives you the ability to clearly define your products or services to the target audience and customers making it much easier for them to understand.


Availability Of Online Platforms 

Wide-spreading your 3D animation videos on products or services on multiple online platforms is crucial in increasing the traffic. You will be able to create an online presence in the most sophisticated manner, which at the end of the day, will bring you more leads, and subsequently increase your business ROI.


Makes The Most Of Time

Naturally, a realistic 3D animation explains a given amount of data faster, and in a much more efficient manner compared to other kinds of creatives. Animation will help the brand present more information in a better and more engaging way.


Cheaper Than Hiring People To Create Videos 

3D animation makes the best return on investment. The brand doesn’t need to hire humans to shoot their videos, no costly shooting setups, outdoor shooting, and actor wages, bringing the budget down drastically. It is certainly cheaper than any other marketing materials we use on a daily basis. Your business can gain massive profits, over and above what you invested in the animations.



This is one of the main advantages of using 3D animation. The 3D models and other resources can later be leveraged to modify the animated video to meet the future requirements and updates. This ensures that the video is future-proof and editable as per the brand requirements.

Being both entertaining, and engaging is crucial. However, if you choose 3D animation for your marketing and social media, you’ve already won half the battle. You just want to engage with your audience, get to know them and think outside the box, be creative and confident with your message, be careful with your words so that you can communicate and connect with the audience in a unique way, without getting into any kind of trouble.

3D Animation videos

Strategy for 3D animation videos

3D animations videos are present in more number than you would expect. Any TV commercial with floating mobile or still water in air or an engine getting build from parts, are all made in 3D animation. With evolution of 3D rendering software’s, realism in 3D animations has reached new heights. Following are few key pointers to plan a high impact 3D animation video

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of 3D animation.

Focus on Product

Its important to focus on 1 key protagonist in the 3D animation video. The main product which has to be visually stunning. The background can be empty. Allows higher focus on the main 3D modelled product. This helps in delivering better rendered videos aswell.


Elaborate usage

3D animation allows you to explain things which can’t be explained in words. Make best use of it and elaborate the communication with ease.


Think Out-of-box

With nearly no limitation to what can be show in 3D animation, allow your story to be most creative.


Play with camera angles

In 3D animation video, camera positioning is in hand of animators. It can we adjusted to any position. Make use of this feature and plan close-ups or follow in the air.


Plan in advance

Great work is not done overnight. 3D animation videos take long time to make. Spend more time in storyboarding and modelling to avoid later rework.

Who Is The Best 3D Animation Production Company?

As the best 3D animation production company – Peppy Production, we combine the power of 3D animation and a reliable marketing strategy to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Our video marketing team works tirelessly with the clients to understand their business, business requirements and goals, and then from there work backwards, ensuring the best strategies are in place – the 3D animated videos are prepared and have been approved by the clients, and then assist on the marketing implementation front where they help to get the goals accomplished.

  • I need animation services. How much would Peppy Production charge, being the best 3D animation production company in India?
    First of all, we are grateful that our audience considers us the best. Secondly, we do not have a fixed cost for the 3D animation service, we determine the cost based on a few factors – the client’s brief, time taken by our artists to model, texture, color, light, and animate your products/ services, and ideas. Hence, give us a call!
  • How can one maximize and save money on 2D or 3D animation from Peppy Production?
    If you have a script, you’ve saved money. Have CAD files already? Saved money there too! Sending us a product sample so that we can scan it into the computer, too can help you save money. Peppy Production will provide you with suggestions and ideas to maximize the ROI of your entire design-marketing investment
  • We are a startup company, what if we are not sure about what we exactly need?
    Not to worry! At Peppy Production, we have teams experienced in writing scripts, devising and creating visuals, and strategizing the benefits and differences of your products / services from your competitors. The success of Peppy Production depends solely on the success of our clients, hence, no matter what budget you have, we’ll work to provide you with the best solution.
  • How often can I expect to receive updates from Peppy Production regarding my 3D animation project?
    We at Peppy Production contact our customers once every week – update them regarding any new developments with respect to their animation project, clear doubts if any. However, if for any reason the client has doubts,suggestions, concerns, or new ideas, Peppy Production is always available all 7 days a week, to clear your queries.
  • Can Peppy Production match our branding and graphics standards?
    Absolutely! All you have to do is send us your brand guidelines and we’ll match the font, colors, tone, and direction.
  • Will I be able to showcase the 3D animation video received from Peppy Production on my website / social media / a big screen at a company event?
    Of course! Our HD 3D animation can be showcased on any screen from a phone to a stadium, or on any platform in the world.
  • I have a fixed budget for my 3D animation video, can Peppy Production still help me?
    Be very clear about what you can afford. We have worked with dozens of companies from small startups to high end luxury brands, we have enough experience, and considerable creative skills to find a unique affordable solution to sell your story.
  • How long does Peppy Production take to create a 60 to 90-second 2D or 3D animation?
    To be honest, it depends on a bunch of factors – Custom 2D animation takes around 4-6 weeks, custom realistic 3D animation takes 4-8 weeks. 2D using pre-animated characters can be done in 2 weeks. Motion graphics can be added to a video in just a few days. 3D projects (depending on length) can take upto 4-6 months. We can do projects on an urgent basis as well, hence, depends on the clients needs.
Business Meeting


I had begun my startup in 2018, kept designing social media posts and running ads. Even after 1 year I wasn’t getting the kind of engagement that I was anticipating before beginning the venture. Had to temporarily terminate all operations during the pandemic since our clients had terminated theirs.

There was no business at all. I approached Peppy Productions in 2021 to help me accelerate my business, again but this time with not just the ordinary designs, but with 3D animation videos. I had approached other 3D animation video production companies in Delhi as well, but this one stood out. Right from the beginning – the consultation call, to weekly updates, and their final product. There is no company like Peppy Production.

Sohali Mishra, Entrepreneur.
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